Friday, 19 September 2014

After Ford 151 - Blackwell’s Dark Place

10 October - 20 December 2014
It’s Arts & Crafts, but not as we know it. 
As part of The Nuisance of Landscape: Grizedale – The Sequel exhibition, Grizedale Arts have crafted After Ford 151 – Blackwell’s Dark Place upstairs in the beautiful Oliver Thompson Gallery. 
This ambitious installation explores the notion of Arts & Crafts as a resistance movement and its evolution through modernism to become a cornerstone of how we understand the contemporary. 
It presents Grizedale Arts’ own polticised history of design - a brave new world of objects and ideas that serve as a provocative reassessment of the Arts & Crafts legacy.
Lakeland Arts

Lakeland Arts are part of the North West Craft Network. Click here for more.