Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Opportunity for maker studio share in Manchester

Jeweller Eve Redmond is looking for a fellow maker - not necessarily a jeweller - to share her studio at Manchester Craft and Design Centre with her. 

Here's what she says:

"Debbie O'Neil who I have shared my studio with for 11 years has handed her notice in. She is off to concentrate on her other business. So I'm looking for another maker to share with starting in the new year. Preferably an established maker. I'm happy to redo the studio and freshen it up and get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff we've been hoarding for years. I'm being positive and looking at it as a fresh start. 

I can only cover the studio on Tuesdays & Wednesday so the person would need to be able to be there Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays and every other Saturday. 

It doesn't have to be another jeweller either! I want somebody committed!"

If you are interested please contact Eve by email redmondeve@yahoo.com and her mobile is 07930 604345